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Christian Retreats Network

Christian Retreats Network


Premium Recreation

Looking for a little more excitement? Add Premium Recreation to your event. While all recreation activities are included in every retreat package, some require minimal charges for staffing.  Event planners, please note that since some setup and orientation is necessary, all activities do require advanced scheduling with your Conference Services coordinator.

Rock Climbing

Schedule time for your group with one of Faholo’s trained belayers and go rock climbing! Our staffed belayers will help your group members put on their harness and hook into the ropes. The climbing wall features two levels of difficulty and is located in the gym at the Clay Activity Center. 10-12 climbers per hour can be accommodated.

Cost: $65 per hour - minimum of 2 hours


Nothing says summer like the beach. Schedule some time for your group to make a splash. Check out the fun activities the beachfront offers: Water Trampoline, Blob, and Swimming Area. For those looking to not get wet, paddleboats and canoes are available. Boats are rented separately from the beachfront. The beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but will close for unsafe weather conditions. The beachfront must be scheduled for a minimum of two hours.

Cost: $200 per hour - minimum of 2 hours


In addition to the beach, we offer an outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If the weather isn’t on your side, we also have an indoor pool, which includes a volleyball net and a hot tub. The outdoor pool is located next to the Clay Activity Center, and the indoor pool is located inside the Conference Center.

Cost: $30 per hour per lifeguard - minimum of 2 hours

Go Karts

Our conference and retreat groups can choose to add in our fast-paced go karts to their retreat! Our track features exciting twists and turns for an off-road adventure that you’ll never forget. Event planners, please note that our hourly rates are to cover the cost of staff and fuel. Go karts are only open to our conference and retreat groups, and cannot be reserved for parties.

Cost: $100 per hour - minimum of 2 hours

High Ropes Course

Apex Adventures, the team building programs on our high ropes course, offers participants the opportunity to face an exhilarating experience where they are challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally with elements that require trust and problem solving. The elements on the course take participants 15′, 25′, or 35′ into the air. Individuals are not coerced into participation, but are encouraged to stretch themselves as much as they choose. There is also the option to add on a zip line finish.  Since this is an outdoor activity, it is only available seasonally, weather permitting. The program is 100% facilitated to provide a safe, fun, and beneficial experience.

Cost: $200.00 per hour - minimum of 2 hours

Zip Line

The Zip Line is a great finish for the High Ropes Course, but groups are also able to schedule the Zip Line on its own. This one-of-a-kind adventure will have guests soaring at crazy speeds. Zip Lines bring teams together! Zip lines can be a true team building experience as you navigate to the loading platform and take that first step off. Zip Lines should not be a solo experience that an individual faces alone. Zip Lines are meant to be experienced and accomplished together with your team, group, or family.

Cost: $100 per hour

Low Ropes Team Building

The group initiatives course, or often referred to as low ropes course, is a series of low-to-the-ground challenges that focuses specifically on team development through planning and problem-solving. The attempts and results in each group are creative, fun, and helpful in building group cohesiveness. Challenges are physical, but not athletic. Challenges are intellectual, but not rocket science. All challenges are team-oriented. Success or failure is not based on speed or skill, but on developing as a team.

Cost: $250 per hour

Swing by Choice

This giant free-fall, swing type element is sure to give guests a rush. Once they reach the top, they are in control to pull the cable and begin their free-fall journey. Participants ride the element solo, while team members cheer them on. Talk with your Retreat Planner about adding this element into your team building program.

Cost: $95 per hour - minimum of 2 hours

Wagon Ride

Each wagon ride trip lasts 30-60 minutes around the property. Wagon rides will pick up and drop off at the front of the Conference Center. For larger groups, we suggest scheduling other activities into your event's agenda and splitting groups into multiple trips so everyone can be actively engaged throughout every individual wagon ride. An adult attendant is additionally required to ride as a supervisor for youth groups.

Cost: $75 per hour