Looking to make an impact with your next retreat? Then add Apex Adventures to your Faholo getaway. Apex Adventures is much more than an activity to kill time; your group will not only have fun but they will improve their effectiveness as a team, gain self-confidence, and enhance relationships.

  • Seasonal Availability
  • 2 Levels of Obstacles
  • Add-On the Zip Line Finish
  • 100% Facilitated To Provide a Fun, Safe, and Beneficial Experience
  • Open Year Round & Can Be Done Indoors
  • Perfect Option for All Ages
  • Custom Tailored Programs
  • 100% Facilitated to Provide a Fun, Safe, And Beneficial Experience

Swing by Choice is a giant free-fall, swing type element.  Participants ride the element solo, while team members cheer them on.

Our facilitators utilize the program goals and Faholo’s team building facilities to help your group reach its maximum potential!